Kennedy and Crowe | Who Is Kennedy and Crowe?

Who is Kennedy and Crowe? I'm glad you asked...
It's simple. Kennedy and Crowe is simply a sock company that wants to provide you, the consumer, with high quality, comfortable and stylish socks made from bamboo.
Kennedy and Crowe
Kennedy and Crowe, a high-quality bamboo fiber sock that combines the elegance of color and design with all of the benefits of bamboo fiber. It may just be the most comfortable and stylish sock that you have ever worn (In our own opinion at least). 
Atlanta, Georgia
Kennedy and Crowe is an Atlanta, Georgia based company with humble beginnings. Right now, you can only find our socks for sale online. Keep an eye out! We may be coming to a store near you!
The Beginning
Kennedy and Crowe is the brainchild of a regular guy who was just tired of poor quality socks. I mean, who does like poor quality? Not us. Anyways... It all started with a guy named Matthew. You can say that Matthew was a "sock connoisseur" of sorts. He enjoyed wearing cool socks. Well one day, he came across these really cool socks that were made of bamboo fiber! Wow, they were so soft and it offers all of these awesome benefits over traditional socks! There was one problem though. These socks were bland and neutral, nothing like what he wanted to wear. So, hear comes the idea. What if we could combine the all of the benefits of bamboo fiber into a sock that was cool and colorful? Well, that exactly what we did and in the summer of 2018 Kennedy and Crowe was born! 
Why bamboo? 
Again, I'm glad you asked. 
Unlike other socks, Bamboo grows free from pesticides. It self-regenerates when it is harvested and it grows very quickly. Pretty cool for just being grass, right? 
Kennedy and Crowe socks are made from bamboo viscose. A process where the bamboo plant is harvested and turned into fibers to be used for fabrics. Bamboo offers some pretty cool qualities that make our socks even cooler. 
1. Bamboo fiber is soft. When we say soft, we mean soft! Imagine putting on a pair of socks that feel like silky delight on your feet. Well, try out a pair of Kennedy and Crowe's socks to see just for yourself how soft socks can be. 
2. Bamboo fiber is COOL! Just like your favorite dry-fit t-shirt, Bamboo Fiber keeps your feet cool and staying fresh. Did you know that bamboo fiber is 3 degrees cooler than cotton AND its moisture wicking? That's right! Bamboo fibers help keep your feet dry and from smelling like your weird uncle. 
3. Bamboo fiber is clean! Unlike that cheap air freshener that you bought from the gas station, bamboo fiber repels allergens and odors the natural way. So if you have sensitive skin, do not worry. Kennedy and Crowe has you covered.   
4. Just like what our whole company's mission is centered around, bamboo fiber is sustainable. Through the harvesting of bamboo more trees are saved. Like we said earlier, it's simple.  Kennedy and Crowe's mission is to leave this world a little bit better than how we found it and that is exactly what we plan on doing. 
Our Guiding Principles
At the forefront of everything we do, we have one thing in mind. That is to leave this world a better place than how we found it. Our actions are guided by the nine principles that our company is founded upon. They are to...
1. Make quality personal
2. Lead by example
3. Protect the environment
4. Invest in relationships
5. Take ownership
6. Be a lifelong learner
7. Be proactive
8. Give back
9. Be positive
These nine principles guide everything that we do here at Kennedy and Crowe. We believe that if we follow these 9 actions, we will be serving our duty. 
Matthew Griffin
Matthew is a senior business management major at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Ga. His continuous ambition and drive is what helped create the foundation that Kennedy and Crowe stands on.